Jetty constructions and Murray River Barge Service are able to design, construct and maintain all jetty...

Canal & river walls

For many years Jetty Constructions and Murray River Barge Service have been constructing canal...


Typically the boardwalks constructed by Jetty Constructions have been alongside water, over water...

Boat lifts

Jetty Constructions and Murray River Barge service have supplied and installed boat lifts throughout the...

Composite materials

The marine environment, strong Western Australian sun and regular strong winds makes for one of the...

Mandurah jetties

Canal jetty, river jetty. Mandurah jetties.

Pile driving

Jetty piles, mooring poles. Pilings

Jet dock

Drive on boat lift, jet ski dock, floating boat lift.

Wharf construction

Jetty construction, dock construction.

Barge service

Maintenance barge, lifting barge, transport barge. Pile driving barge.

Jetty repairs

Jetty maintenance, re decking. Pilings.